How to win at getting to the airport on time

Air travel is always tricky and unlike in other modes of transport, there is very little margin for error. A last-minute discovery of even one thing that is out of order or an item that is missing while you are standing at the boarding area will bring about a major headache followed by a possible flight miss. The only way to keep all your preparation and plans from biting the dust is by getting to the airport at early as possible to avoid the unwanted grief. Continue reading to learn about a few effective ways in which you can accomplish this like a boss.


Leave home extra early if you’re flying global

This may sound a little too obvious, but a surprisingly high number of people don’t know the difference between inter-state travel and global travel. In fact, the airports mandate that you arrive at least one and a half hours prior to the departure, especially if you must get your bags checked. In addition to this, there could be several other distractions and requirements that might delay your airport operations than planned and prevent you from boarding the plane on time. Depending on the distance from your home to the airport, determine the earliest possible time you can leave home and prevent any last-minute disappointments.

Do as much as possible online

Air travel can become surprisingly easier if you’re someone who knows how to get things done online instead of in-line. Standing in never ending lines for almost every little thing is not only time consuming, but also majorly frustrating. Therefore, it makes a lot more sense to check in online and maybe even get your boarding pass printed right at home. Even the little things that might take up a lot of time like finding a place to park can be done over the internet with ease. The short term parking Tullamarine based service providers offer can be done with a few clicks over your smart device to save a considerable amount of time on the big day.

Be mindful of the roads

If you are driving yourself or a friend is dropping you off, pay an extra bit of attention to the nature of traffic in the route. You may know the route very well and based on past experience decide to leave home when the traffic is usually low. But nothing is ever certain, and a major traffic jam might show up out of nowhere and cause some serious trouble. Use an application on your smart device the entire time to get real time updates about the nature and intensity of the traffic so you can take the best roads and avoid the bad ones.

Don’t be late for delayed flights

Some passengers make the mistake of being over confident on the airlines and themselves when they are supposed to travel in a delayed flight and decide to delay themselves to avoid having to wait. While it may work in some occasions, there are instances where the airliners manage to sort out whatever was causing the delay and get things back into the original time slots. In such a situation, the aircraft may even have left by the time the passenger gets there. To avoid such inconveniences, make it a point to always arrive in time even for those delayed flights.

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