Traveling Tips for People with Disabilities

Travel is no longer a luxury. Anyone can travel whether it’s to a local destination or abroad. With affordable tickets sold online, you can go anywhere, anytime. You can no longer make excuses why you can’t travel, even if you have disabilities, a family member or a travel buddy. All you need is proper planning and the following traveling tips for enjoyable travel and vacation.

Plan Your Travel Itineraries In Advance

Whether you travel alone or with someone with disabilities, you still need to plan your travel itineraries. You can contact hotels, transportation services, a cruise or other lodging to inquire about your future accommodations. It is best to discuss what you will need in your accommodation if you’re making a reservation.

Also, make sure that you informed them of your disability and be clear when you describe your condition. However, don’t downplay or make your disability look severe. The more your service provider knows about your health condition, the better they will accommodate you. If by any chance they make promises to you during your inquiry, make sure that these were put into writing.

Before you book your tickets, make sure that it will not require connecting flights to get to the place you want to visit. However, if you’re traveling alone and manoeuvring in the lavatories is quite difficult for you to handle, shorter flights is a better option.

Refer Your Itinerary on What You Can Do At Home

If you will be traveling and go sight-seeing it is best to look for mobility aids for hire if you can’t bring your own. Your travel activities should replicate what you can do at home. For instance, if you’re active in the morning, it is best to schedule your sightseeing in the morning. You have to make sure that you have enough stamina to do your planned activities. Otherwise, your trip will go to waste.

Keep Your Medical Needs in Check

In choosing a travel package, see to it that medical insurance is also covered by the travel insurance plan for your tour package. Don’t forget to bring a travel note from your doctor that describes your disability, your needs and medication needed. Make sure that you have your doctor’s contact number so that you could contact them in case an emergency arises.

When it comes to medication, it is best to bring extra pieces and pack them on your carry-on bag. In this way, you will not miss taking your medication on time. And the most important of all, bring medical alert information with you. It could be a bracelet, a card or an ID so that medical practitioner will be able to recognize your needs and be able to assist you, even if you’re in abroad immediately.

Arrive Earlier Than Your Scheduled Flight

To avoid the hassle, it is best to arrive earlier than your scheduled flight. If you will be traveling locally, two hours is enough for your waiting time, while 3 hours is recommended for international flights.

These are some of the helpful travel tips for travellers with disabilities.

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