Fun Ways to Spend the Weekend

Are you looking for something fun to do during your weekend? Or are you bored at home with nothing to do other than scrolling up and down your phone? There are plenty of activities you can do during a weekend without much planning at all. Here is a list of the best ways to spend your weekend.

Indoor Games

If you want to keep yourself occupied, but still do not feel like going out of the house, indoor games and activities are the best options. Get some board games ready such as monopoly, chess or scrabble. There are also more adventurous games such as detective board games or sci-fi games like Pandemic or Clue. But if you are not into board games then there are the traditional things you can do with the participation of the whole family like hide and seek or hopscotch. A movie marathon with a blanket fort is also a good idea.

Be Creative

Do something new during your free time and see what skills you have! Try creative activities such as painting or sketching. All you need is a sketch pad and a pencil and maybe some color pens or watercolors. You can also try creative writing; get in front of your computer or get a piece of paper and a pen and try scribbling down something. It can be a short poem or a short story or even a song. If both writing and drawing is not your thing, then engage in a bit of handiwork like trying out DIY ideas or Origami. You can even try cooking new dishes.


Go out of the house for a while and explore your local community/town. Call up some of your friends and visit the local zoo or museum. Visit places in the town you have always wanted to visit but never had the time to do so. If you want to do a bit of work, then look for places where you can do volunteer work and sign up for them. You can use your weekend to have some family time by going on a small picnic to a nearby park or doing some cycling with your family. Gardening is also another activity where you can get out of the house and engage yourself without having to go too far away from the house.

Treat Yourself

If you want to treat yourself and get away from college or work, plan a visit to watch a movie, a concert or a game. Lookup new concerts, games or movies that will be showing at the time and get your family or friends to join you. However, as it is for a weekend you may have to book your tickets beforehand. You can even contact Australian open tickets to book your tickets easily. All you need to do is get some snacks including popcorn and maybe a camera if it is a concert or a game you are going to watch. The theatre is also another place you can go to, especially if you want a more relaxed time just to sit and watch.

Spending your weekend doing some interesting activity is sometimes way better than getting lost on social media and lazily staying in bed all day. If you want some kind of stress release, these activities are the best for it.

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