How to travel a long distance by road comfortably with a large crowd?

Tips that will help this long journey feel shorter and more comfortable…


Select public transport

In all honesty, when it comes to long distances by road, the only option of transport that is not going to drive you crazy is public transport. Most such transports have ample space, provide food and water, has its own toilets…plus it’s pretty secure, so you can relax completely. So if you have the chance, consider talking the bus or the train; even if you have never done so before…!

Consider hiring your own spacious vehicle

Not everyone feels safe in public transport; we completely understand. However, if you happen to be travelling with a large amount of people, it’s better to hire a bus as opposed to a van, as this provides you with plenty more luggage space and leg space. This is ideal for official company trips. If you happen to be living in Singapore, then you’ll be glad to know that finding a charter bus Singapore based is not hard at all…!


Carry food and drinks with you

Even if you will be getting off at several stops throughout your journey, it will still be easier on you if you take a few snacks with you from home. Not only will this mean you need no stay hungry until the next stop, but you can also fall asleep without worrying you’ll miss the food stop. Carrying a beverage with you is also a good idea¾however we caution you to sip slowly on it to avoid the need for  toilet break.


Findout the spots in your route you can use for a toilet

Are you someone who needs to use the washroom often? Or are you travelling with a child? In either case, it’s always best if you mark the places in which you can get off for a toilet break. If you don’t want to carry a map around, simply use the google maps apps for this purpose.

Try your best not to take valuables with you

Unless you happen to be travelling with people you have absolute trust on (like a group of family members), we strongly suggest that you leave behind the valuable wen you are about to go on this journey. Having something valuable on you or your bag will make you worry about falling asleep, in fear that you might be robbed. Unfortunately, this will completely tire you out and make you very cranky at the end of the journey.


Carry a pillow

Help yourself relax further by taking a neck pillow with you. If you happen to be comfortable using the ostrich travel pillow (or at least a variation of it), then this too is a great idea. If all fails, even a rolled up scarf can be a great neck brace to help you sleep better…!

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