The Best Weekend Escapes from the Big City

Need a break from the fast paced life of the big city? Then how about going on a weekend escapade? There are numerous places to go to for a momentary break. Within just a three-hour drive from the big city of Melbourne, you can enjoy a day of rest and relaxation. So, to help you find that refresher you so deserve, here’s a list of seven best weekend escapes from Melbourne.

A Spa Day in Daylesford

With Daylesford having the largest concentration of natural mineral springs in Australia, this makes it a perfect destination to unwind through a relaxing spa day. You can have the opportunity to submerge yourself in various naturally-occurring mineral springs proven to be a source of healing and rejuvenation.  You can also choose from hundreds of spa treatments available that are surfier ways to make you feel revitalized.

A Family Park Day in Wilson

The Promontory National Park, or The Prom as famously called by the locals, is one of the state’s largest coastal parks. With the chance to see Australia’s native flora and fauna like the White Mangrove and Koala, this makes it one of the best places to enjoy the weekend with your family and loved ones.

A Seaside Sojourn in Lorne

With just a two hour drive from Melbourne to Lorne, you can bask in the sunlight and feel the breeze of the salty but refreshing sea air. There are a variety of beautiful accommodations for you to stay in. But you could also check out campervan hire Melbourne to see available campervans for rent which can double as your ride and hotel at the same time. With the less than three hour drive from the big city, Lorne is the ultimate beach weekend getaway.

Outdoor Adventures in Bright

Bright, located just at the edge of Victoria’s High County, offers a range of outdoor activities for every season. You can hike and bike during the spring and summer, ski during the winter, and maybe have a photography session in autumn.

A Mountain Retreat in the Dandenong

With the lush forests, blooming gardens and the old-fashioned town, the Dandenong Ranges are the complete opposite of Melbourne’s concrete jungle. You might even think that you’re in a completely far mountainside when in fact you are just an hour away from the big city.

A Blast from the Past in Ballarat

Ballarat used to be a mining town back in the old days. Now, it’s a place rich with art and history where even the structures like preserved Victorian buildings have a story to tell. The historic theme park like Sovereign Hill is a great place to have that feel of traveling back in time to an 1850’s Australia.

A Hike in Grampians

How about going on a trip where you can stretch out your limbs and release your inhibitions with every step? The Grampians National Park is a great place for a good hike. It’s perfect for filling your lungs with fresh air from the mountainside. It is also the best place to enjoy Australia’s local flora and fauna.

So, try booking one of these trips now as your weekend escape. Surely, when you face back the reality of life in the big city, you would think that your short break was a dream. That’s just how good they all are!

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