Things you should know when you travel to Singapore

Singapore is one of the most developed nations in Asia. Home to the latest in Infrastructure and  with high standards of living, it is considered an economic hub of asia. While very developed as a nation, the city-state has still kept their culture and heritage intact which makes it a wonderful tourist destination. So if you are planning to travel to Singapore on vacation. Here a few things you need to know.

Be ready for expenses

Singapore by no means is a cheap vacation destination. Accommodation can be pretty expensive. Therefore you should consider booking a tour package or check for rooms a bit further away from the city centre. Also remember to books rooms as early as possible. There are early bird rates available in certain hotels which will allow you to get rooms for much cheaper than the going price if booked months ahead of your arrival.

In case you are planning to stay there for a long time, always consider hiring west car rental singapore as the costs of renting a vehicle will be cheaper than cab fare in the long run and will also be more convenient. Before you travel to limit your expenses make a realistic budget and do your best to stay within it to ensure you enjoy the vacation while not overspending.

Have an itinerary planned

With so many amusement parks and interesting places to see, travelling with itinerary could potentially stop you from having a fulfilling vacation. This is because you may spend too long in certain places which will reduce the time spent or even forgo another place. You will have to give the Universal Studios a full day as it can take a lot of time to go through the park.

Visit the Hawker Streets.

The Cuisine in Singapore is a fusion of many cultures thus it not only tastes delicious but is a marvel to behold. There are many star class fine dining restaurants which provide local and international cuisine, but you may need to be ready to spend quite a bit as they can be steeper in price. However there are many hawker streets available, where you can try popular food at much cheaper rates and they will still taste absolutely delicious. Moreover, this is a great opportunity to interact with locals as many Singaporeans frequent the hawker streets for meals. So you can grab yourself a delicious and wallet friendly meal while making friends with the locals.

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