How To Plan a Vacation With a Group Of Friends

We have all gone on vacations with our families. Some of us may have gone with only our parents and siblings. But there are also those that go on vacation with their extended family every year. Growing up some people have loved this annual vacation. But there is one type of vacation that every individual would love without a doubt. This would be a vacation with a group of friends. That is because there is something amazing about vacationing with friends. But in order to ensure that it would go off without a hitch, you need to know how to plan it.

Select a Destination

The destination would ultimately determine the success of your vacation. Therefore that is why it is important to pick a great destination. We know that there are some popular destinations for groups. For instance, many friends love travelling to Las Vegas or even Bali. But before you make a decision make sure that everyone is in agreement. You don’t want to rent tour bus in Singapore only to find that one hates the destination. Therefore make sure that there are activities for everyone to do.

Plan It

We know that planning a vacation is not the easiest thing in the world. That is because in order to plan you first have to get everyone together. This would be a difficult task for many due to their hectic schedules. Furthermore, after a hard day of work, the last thing one would want to do is plan the logistics. Therefore the way to change this attitude would be to make planning fun. You can do this by making the plans over drinks or a meal. For instance, try to arrange a Sunday lunch as one of your friend’s houses. You can even arrange to meet for drinks after work. This way when the atmosphere is laid back and relaxed everyone would feel more comfortable.


When travelling as a group all of you cannot attempt to complete one task. For instance, not everyone in the group would be able to book hotels. Instead, a responsible individual should be given this task. Thus, similarly, it is important to delegate the tasks. This way while one individual is creating the itinerary another would be able to book accommodation. However, even though the tasks would be delegated everyone needs to communicate with one another.

As I mentioned earlier vacationing with a group of friends can be an amazing experience. But in order to ensure this, you need to plan the vacation efficiently.

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