Tips and ideas for your better half’s birthday

Is your better half’s birthday just around the corner? Then you will have a time simply deciding what to do! With so many possible things to do, choosing one will be the most difficult!

So here are some tips and ideas that will help you decide what is best for your better half’s birthday!

What is their preference?

You need to first decide what your better half’s preference is. You should know what they would like to have. There would have been instances, when they would’ve suggested what they would like to have. There are some who prefer gifts whilst some may prefer a night out, so you need to decide which one they would like to have. You need to choose their preference because after all you should know the preferences of your better half like the back of your hand!

What is your budget?

Your budget will have the biggest effect on your budget. You will need to ensure that you first draw up a budget to find out how much you can actually spend as a birthday gift. It is okay to not have as much budget as you would like to have. Or if you are having a huge budget and able to afford   a luxury spa in mumbai hotel   then it would great! But if not, then even a simple craft with pictures of the two of you together will be one of the biggest gifts you can give to your better half.


Is it a memory you want to create together?

If you are both more into creating memories together rather than showering each other with gifts, then it is best that you choose a destination that the two of you can travel together. Or one that the two of you can at least have a meal together. The idea being that the two of you spend time together rather buying a gift. Again this decision needs to be made based on your better half’s ideas and preference, once again known only to you!



Just keep in mind that all through the planning you both need to enjoy the time together. After all the birthday is just another opportunity to show  how much you love your better half. Therefore, don’t be worried about not meeting your better half’s expectation, because surely your efforts will matter more than the gift itself!

Just make sure that you don’t miss the entire idea of showing love and care through your birthday gift to trying to show off your monetary capabilities! After all its all about the love and care!



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