Be Right on Time

We all hate getting delayed as much as hate going late to the port, especially on the day of your trip! Worst case scenario is you get left behind and have to rebook your trip with an expensive amount of fee. Here are tips to prevent that from happening.

Preparation Is the Key

When it comes to going to that trip you’ve worked so hard for and dreamed of for months, it’s important that you prepare yourself at least a month before the trip. Yes, A MONTH! Because for a typical working man with a busy schedule, you would barely find time to prepare everything you need, and it gets harder and go through all the hassle when you prepare your stuff a couple of days before the trip, which has a great chance of you being underprepared. You’re on your way to your trip to the beach via ferry and all of the sudden you realize that you left your sunscreen at home or your swimming trunks. It’s imperative that you exert an extra amount of time and attention to the things you will be bringing, which brings me to…

Checking Is the Doorknob

Make a list of the things that you should be bringing on your trip, type it in your computer, print two of it out and accomplish it by providing yourself with what’s in it. If you’re asking why print out two, and that is because the first one should be your checklist once you bought them or if you have them already and set them aside, the second one is for double checking the items you need are already in place. I know it can be too much of a task, but this will actually save you some time and money. You won’t have to go to duty free to buy what you forgot, it’s a waste of time because you could be spending the time you spent buying those extra trousers at the beach and the money spent on buying them could be spent on an extra bottle of beer.

Be On Time

After months of wanting to have a break at the office, you’ll find yourself looking for Aegean paradise ferry schedule that fits perfect for your desired date. Right after you book it, set your phone to alarm you a week before the trip, in that way, you won’t be able to miss out on all the fun and excitement you’ve been dreaming of.

When we think of the word ‘trip’, we often describe it as the point of destination and what adventures lie ahead. For me, a trip should be started with the moment we set assail, because we experience the best trips to abroad through cruises filled with everything that makes us happy. The trip should be worth every penny spent on every second spent.

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