Tips for enjoying your holidays away from work!

You’ve worked so hard all year and finally, it’ time enjoy your well-deserved holiday. Your family and friends have eagerly awaited till this time of the year so they can have you for themselves and enjoy the time together. However, it is important that you are fully freed from the shackles of work and no unexpected phone calls from the office are going to surprise you. For this, you will have to effectively separate yourself from work so that you can make the time to enjoy life with your loved ones. Discussed in this article are 4 such methods in which you can ensure that your work do not become a hindrance to your life during this holiday season.

 Mute your work E-mails

Your family will not like it one bit if you constantly take your smart phone out of your pocket during a dinner to check work related emails. It is impolite and might even hurt their feelings. Mute or simply delete your work E-mail account, so you can add it later when you are done with the holiday. If it’s really urgent, they can contact you on your mobile number which you can keep on, just in case. But never feel obliged to respond to any messages or calls during non-work hours or family time.

Let everyone know about your holiday schedule

No matter how excited you are about the holidays, don’t forget to be professional about the way you leave things at work. It would be unfair for the coworkers and your customers if they make business plans and schedules without any knowledge about the duration of your absence, which could cause them inconveniences. Therefore, communicate to all the concerned parties regarding your holiday schedule and specify when you will be available again.

No office visits during the holiday

Don’t make the mistake of visiting the office for any reason during the vacation. There’s simply no need for you to visit the office and you doing so even after formally communicating to everyone about your absence, which implied that you will be busy with your family commitments will make them wonder if you were telling the truth and they might even consider reassigning you work or requesting you to get back to work. Spend your time off, off the office.

Have a plan about how you are going to spend the holiday

If your job mandates your responsiveness to emails and messages concerning work, then inform all those concerned about it regarding when you will be able to respond to any messages based on where you will be, what you will be doing and the level of access you will have to your devices or internet connectivity. By specifying those, neither you nor your office will have to face any disappointments or surprises.

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